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Nancy R. Goldstein

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A world health crisis like COVID-19 triggers difficult feelings in all of us.

I am available for telephone and video conference sessions.

About My Practice

I have a profound faith in the process of therapy to help people live happier, more satisfying lives. I tailor my approach to each individual's unique history, needs and goals. This is based on my experience with hundreds of people, and on my own personal journey. In our work together, you will experience the deep level of personal engagement and commitment that I bring to the people with whom I work. I have advanced training in several psychotherapeutic modalities, as well  as a lifelong commitment to my own psychological and spiritual growth  and healing. 


You will benefit from over 30 years of my experience as a therapist. My work includes extensive experience with  people affected by grief and loss, abuse and trauma, anxiety and depression. These issues are often barriers to happiness and intimacy. You will experience change in these areas of your life, as we work together.


Many of the people with whom I work are on a spiritual journey, or wrestling with spiritual questions. We can explore this realm together.  I also work with recovery from compulsive overeating and other addictions.


Working in a medical setting for many years, I also developed an understanding of the significant impact of chronic illness and pain on the physical emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.


I look forward to working with you. Feel free to call or email, and let today be the day you begin your journey to healing. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Phone and online therapy sessions available. 

Click here for details.


Contact me regarding fee schedule for both individual and couples sessions.

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