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of oral history.

The Gift of a Lifetime

Would you like friends and family to know more about your life?

Would you appreciate help in telling the stories of your past?


Would you enjoy having audiovisual documentation of your life history

Would you like to be sure that your stories will be passed on to future generations? 

video oral history

The documentation of your life history will be a wonderful experience for you, and it will create an extraordinary gift for others.

As a first step, I will provide you with questions to consider prior to our meeting. These questions are intended to help to prompt your memories, and assist you in giving structure to your story.

This is your life story.  I will encourage you to share it in whatever manner works for YOU.


I will work with you as a facilitator, a guide, and a video technician.

Examples of questions you might want to consider:

What do you know about your parents and  grandparents?  Were they born in the U.S.?  What do you know of their  work and their religious and cultural backgrounds?

What do you know about your parents’ early lives?  Schooling?  Social life?

Describe your childhood memories.  School?  Neighborhood?  Friends?  Jobs?

Are there words of wisdom you would like to impart?

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