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Accommodating Frustration

Some days, nothing goes quite right. I have an appointment, and everything seems to conspire to prevent me from getting to it on time. My toothbrush isn’t charged and I have to find a manual one, I spill my coffee taking it out of the microwave, coffee lands on my shirt, and I have to change my clothing, and the phone rings with a call I have to take, just as I am about to leave. Then, of course, I hit all the lights along the way, and am headed toward my destination with a great deal of frustration. On a good day, I am able to have a sense of humor about all of this, and I remember to consciously change my scowl to a grin. My whole mood changes when I do this, and the tension drains out of my body. I realize how absurd it all is, and can actually have a laugh when I take a step back. It helps me to look at all of the things that aggravate me, and to ask myself the question, “How important is it?”. This helps me remember what is really important in my life, and to know that so many of the things that I might stress about are really trivial. Then I am able to let go, and relax.

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