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Sometimes we've just had enough. Enough difficulties. Enough sadness. Enough loss. Enough pain and heartache. Yet, we persist. What is it that keeps us plugging along, doing life, and somehow knowing that we must put one foot in front of the other? There seem to be a variety of answers to this question, depending on the person, the day, the moment. For some, it is faith--faith in something larger than ourselves. Perhaps we are uplifted by something we read, or a piece of artwork, poetry or a beautiful bird in the tree outside our window. Maybe our push forward comes from the support of a friend, someone who just listens without having to either fix us, or alleviate our pain. It could be a prayer, or a still, small voice from inside which inspires us. Whatever it is, we keep going, and inevitably the struggles of today recede, and we are gifted with a new day. It is our choice as to how we meet this new day. We may meet it with resistance, or on a good day, we may welcome it with an acceptance of life's challenges. Our approach may not always look rosy and bright, but fully engaging in life paradoxically means including our resistance and our difficulties. Only then are we living in wholeness.

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