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The COVID-19 pandemic is an experience that none of us ever imagined we would face. And yet, here it is, affecting all of us in profound ways. And here we are, trying to live our lives in this context. We can respond to it in many ways, but we can’t change the fact that the coronavirus exists, is highly contagious, and can cause people to get sick and even die. We can hate it, and be angry about it. We can get depressed about it. We can pretend it isn’t happening. We can sink into despair. We can rail against it. I have probably tried all of the aforementioned, at least momentarily. But none of this changes the reality that we wake up to every day. Ultimately, the only thing over which we have any control, is our response to the pandemic. Acceptance is really the only path to peace, even if acceptance includes a lot of other uncomfortable feelings. See if you can feel an acceptance big enough to encompass your lack of acceptance.


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